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Bucharest North railway station (Gara de Nord) is the largest railway station of Romania, located in Bucharest.


The station was built between 1868-1872, the foundation stone was set on September 10, 1868 in the presence of Carol I of Romania. The building is designed as a U-shaped structure. The first railways between Roman – Galați – Bucharest – Pitești were put in service on September 13, 1872. Between 1895-1896 a new wing of the station was built, which included a “Royal hall” due to the visit of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary.[1] It was initially named Gara Târgoviștei, after the road nearby, Calea Târgoviștei (“Târgoviște Road”, nowadays Calea Griviței) and took its current name in 1888.The station and its surroundings were heavily bombed by the Allies in April 1944 during a campaign aimed at the Axis supply lines, since the station played an important part in the Romanian railway network and was the main departure point for troops headed to the Eastern Front.